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Call Us Now: 07 3341 9956 📞


We have all experienced a flat car battery at some point. They are time consuming and frustrating to say the least. When it comes to finding an affordable car battery, you are in safe hands with Underwood Tyres.

A car battery is what gets your car to actually start when you turn it on. The battery powers the alternator (a little motor) to turn over the engine until it starts up into idle. Batteries are specific to your car and taking care of it will ensure that it lasts as long as it should. If your car is taking a bit longer to turn over or start then your battery might need replacing. Underwood tyres offers full battery inspection and replacement as well as vehicle safety inspections.

Our automotive battery range includes all types of car batteries from top brands. They range from accessible to sealed maintenance free (SMF), calcium and spiralcell AGM. Our EFB and AGM batteries also cater to newer vehicles like those with Start Stop technology.