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Call Us Now: 07 3341 9956 📞
Call Us Now: 07 3341 9956 📞

Free Wheel Alignment

How To Search For Tyres

Buy 4 Tyres Get Free Wheel Alignment

Brand New Tyres Start From $79 Each

CALL FOR PRICING - 07 3341 9956

Call us on (07) 3341 9956 from Monday to Saturday

We are located at 2944 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119 

Business Hours Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 5pm

Supplying Our Customers With The Best Quality Brand New Tyres Including Free Balance and Free Fit.

100% Guarantee on Quality and Price on The Best Quality Brand New Tyres in Brisbane & Logan

Why is wheel alignment needed in a car?

Wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance tasks. It offers a much smoother drive and ensures you are driving within road safety standards. Also, frequent wheel alignment improves fuel efficiency and will help your tyres last longer economically. Underwood Tyres And Wheels strongly recommend a wheel alignment after changing 2 or 4 brand new tyres to all customers. This will prevent tyres from uneven wear out and also increase fuel efficiency.

CALL FOR PRICING - 07 3341 9956

Brand New Tyres are Available in All Sizes.

Balancing and Fitting starts from $35 each.

Tyre Disposal starts from $22 each.

Wheel Alignment starts from $60.

Servicing Start from $120.

Brakes starts from $150  each.

CALL FOR PRICING - 07 3341 9956